Older Flashguns on Digital Cameras


This is a guide to the purchase and use of film era flashguns on digital cameras, with pages on trigger voltage and hotshoe contact layout issues. There also pages on the Flash Formula and flash tech generally. Pick from the Index below.

Table of Trigger Voltages and Guide Nos.

Hotshoe Layouts

Tilt, Swivel, Ring & Hammerheads

Guide Number & the Flash Formula

Flash Exposure Modes

Buying & Using Older Flashguns



I do not own all the equipment described on this website, no-one does, although I have collected a lot. However this website is the result of trying to draw as much useful info as possible into a single place, and is what I would have liked to have found when I started buying older flashguns. Most of this info can be found elsewhere, but it is scattered around the web. I would be happy to receive suggestions for any additions and corrections via :